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Making people feel right at home

Imagine parents who have picked up the kids from school, shopping bags in hand, arriving home to their recently completed condo building. A building you helped make happen. They’ve put their trust in you to choose a comfortable, safe and reliable elevator system to get them home. At TK Elevator, we can help you earn and keep their trust.

From elevators to stair lifts, our systems make people feel at home. They help you enhance the quality of life in your building while also saving energy and reducing costs. With their excellent sound insulation, high reliability and superior ease of use, our elevators make for pleasant and quiet neighbours. From exclusive villas to apartment complexes, we have the right system to take people home, safely, comfortably and stylishly.

When you’re home, everything is just right. A TK Elevator mobility solution, supported around the clock by our best-in-class service, makes it even better.

Our residential products



meta100, bring extra to every mid-rise

meta100 targets mid-rise buildings in the residential segment. It is a value for money solution that reduces construction cost, is faster to install and truely brings extra to.

  • Speed:2.5m/s (with machine room); 2m/s (without machine room)
  • Load: 1,150 kg

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enta100, brings extra to every mid rise.

enta100 targets low-rise buildings. It is a value for money solution that reduces construction cost and is faster to install. enta100 gives peace of mind through reliable engineering and brightens up your building with interior designs. As a result, enta100 brings extra to your building.

  • Speed: 1m/s
  • Load: 630kg

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meta200, sense the difference

The performance solution for your commercial or residential mid-rise.

meta200 targets mid-rise buildings in the residential and commercial sectors, where design and performance matter.

  • Speed: 3 m/s
  • Load: 1,600 kg

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enta200, step into moments of style

The performance solution for your low-rise residential building and private villas.

With its compact size, enta200 is a machineroom-less elevator that is suited to low-rise buildings such as mid to high-end residential buildings. It offers stylish and practical car interior designs to give its passengers a comfortable ride.

  • Speed: 1 m/s
  • Load: 630Kg

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zeta200:Experience new heights.

zeta200 is a machine room gearless elevator that is specially built for high-rise commercial and high-end residential buildings. Passengers can enjoy a spacious and comfortable ride with zeta200 unique premium designs and fixtures.

  • Speed: 7 m/s
  • Load: 2000 Kg

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velino: The commercial escalator series that caters to your needs.

Our velino series – the velino 100, 200 and 300 – is our most advanced range of escalators designed to fit the whole bandwidth of commercial applications. The velino series covers all commercial needs from standard or design-oriented applications to tailored projects.

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Home Solutions

Accessibility: The freedom to move independently

Today around the world, one in eight people is over 60, a number that’s expected to increase as fertility rates continue to decline and life expectancy keeps rising. At TK Elevator, we’re helping meet the needs of the planet’s aging global population. We provide dedicated and tailored solutions to enhance people’s mobility in both private and public settings.

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